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Supporting special educational needs in the classroom

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Opening the door for learners with dyslexia

When learners reach Grades 8 to 12, reading steps up: it’s the basis of almost every element of the curriculum. When reading skills slip, it can impact access to far more than just English class.

Assistive technology nurtures your learners as they access more complex reading materials. Devices like your recommended reading tools help learners pursue their interests at the end of Grade 12.

The teaching support you can take home

As learners get older, it’s not just about support in the classroom: by the end of high school, many are doing multiple hours of at-home learning a day.

Using reading pens is like having a teaching assistant right beside you whenever you need it, whether you’re doing homework, studying for a class test, or even just reading for pleasure.

Supporting English Language Learners as they study

When you come to English from another language background, the last grades of K12 might feel daunting as the reading gets more complex. Homework can feel worse, especially if there’s not a high level of spoken or written English to support you in your household.

Pen scanners that scan in multiple languages and feature multiple-language dictionaries can support ESL and bilingual learners in developing both confidence and fluency.

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