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Post-secondary reading tools for students

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Support in colleges for special education learners

In post-secondary study, the expectations are higher and the workload increases. Learners might find themselves doing more independent reading, and spending less time with educators.

But don't worry — you can still support them every step of the way.

Post secondary pathways to independence

Post secondary study is all about the destination: these learners are getting ready for the world of work. As well as boosting their reading confidence, support in colleges for special education learners is about making sure they’re building independence and reading confidence ready for tomorrow, too.

The right tools for the job are important — it’s not just about making the grade any more, but preparing for what comes after.

Assistive tech designed for college study

There are a lot of options open to colleges for special education support, but pen scanners are the most agile and discreet way to ensure that your post-secondary learners foster the reading skills they need to succeed.

Award-winning text-to-speech technology means that it’s as simple as scanning the page and listening to the audio feedback. There’s no need for Wi-Fi, and they can support wherever your students find themselves reading and studying.

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