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Classes may be harder, but reading doesn’t have to be

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Dyslexia support that understands growing independence

Post-secondary learning and heading to university means growing independence, growing understanding, and a growing stack of books to be read.

When students with dyslexia or reading differences hit the lecture halls for the first time, it’s easy to feel intimidated by it all… but there’s help at hand.

Open the door to the future of literacy

Our devices put discretion and autonomy first, every time: whether it’s supporting at the point of need or building skills for next time, you can develop your reading power and confidence independently with any of your recommended supports.

It’s as simple as scan, listen and understand, without a human reader in sight.

But what happens when students leave the lecture hall?

Reading happens everywhere on campus: students are juggling jobs and teams, and study when and where they can.

That’s why something portable, rechargeable and Wi-Fi free is the order of the day. Unlike human reading support, these clever little pen scanners can be used wherever and whenever learning happens/p>

Here’s how our award-winning reading tech has been changing things up for university students

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We know that you want to explore for yourself, and discover how these devices could support reading for your learners. That’s why we offer a FREE trial for colleges and universities

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