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Learn to love Mondays using text-to-speech!

Up to 20% of your workforce is neurodivergent, and some may come from other language backgrounds. This means that they might need English reading support to stay at the top of their game in the workplace—but what happens to data security when the best support for the job is digital?

We’ve got the right text-to-speech tools to help struggling readers succeed and keep your data safely locked down.

Reading support that puts data security first

Accessibility in the workplace doesn’t have to come at the cost of keeping your data where it belongs.

Secure Reader 2 works by scanning the text on the page and relaying it via audio through the user’s headphones. There’s no storage or Wi-Fi, so there’s no need to worry about that data going elsewhere once it’s been scanned—and with multiple language support and built-in dictionaries, it’s ready to tackle any challenge!

Training and Progression Support

One of the characteristics of an inclusive workplace is giving colleagues with dyslexia or from other language backgrounds the chance to study, qualify and climb the ladder as their colleagues do.

Often, that means assessments.

C-Pen Exam Reader 2 supports accessibility in the workplace by being exam-ready at all times. With a long-life battery and no need for Wi-Fi, it’s a pocket-sized and budget-friendly support for businesses nurturing employee career growth.

Workplace resources

We’ve created a wide range of resources to help get to grips with your new handheld devices and transform workplace study and jobs for people with dyslexia. Check out our Workplace Resources section for more!