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Reading support that saves schools money

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Making school budgets go further

Ontario Human Rights Commission’s Right to Read Report defined learning to read as an essential human right. But what does that mean in practice — how do you support reading on such a scale?

20% of learners have special educational needs like dyslexia which can impact access to reading. In a class of 35, that means 7 or more learners may need reading support and across your jurisdiction, that’s a lot of classes and learners.

You need a reading support solution that’s budget-friendly too.

What can a pen scanner do?

Introducing one of your recommended reading pens to their toolbox means that reading independently isn’t quite so scary. They’re simple to use: text-to-speech feedback unlocks the words on the page and helps your learners overcome any reading barriers that might have emerged and feel able to take on the task of learning with curiosity and confidence.

It’s as simple as scan, listen, and understand.

Easing budget strain while supporting developing readers

As highlighted in the Right to Read Report, evidence-based interventions are key to supporting readers... but human reading support can cost a fortune. And your school board budgets have to go as far as they can without compromising on the services that learners receive.

Fortunately, reading pens offer a higher level of skill-growth and support at a fraction of the cost. If you’re curious about how much you could save with a reading pen, get in touch!

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