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Assistive technology in the classroom

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Supporting learners in their Right to Read

Ontario’s Right to Read Inquiry report defined learning to read as an essential human right. But what happens when reading doesn’t come easily, like for many K12 learners with dyslexia?

These learners often require additional support, but using a human reader can feel isolating or intimidating. If only there were a discreet, pen-shaped reading support that could support reading independently, and help learners to grow...

Nurturing reading confidence in students

Reading pens are that tutor in your pocket. The Right to Read report highlights that evidence-based reading interventions are key in making sure no learner gets left behind throughout K12.

Text-to-speech pen scanners that remove the need for additional assistance free up educator bandwidth and put control back in your learners’ hands. They’re so simple to implement and use, it’s as easy as scan, listen, understand.

Reading support, beyond the classroom

Reading doesn’t just happen in class, and that’s why assistive technology in education has to work outside of education too. K12 learners read everywhere, from at home to on vacation, and even as they’re travelling.

Support learners wherever they are using your recommended Wi-Fi-free scanners. Those learning English in French-speaking or First Nations language environments can get their hands on a reliable at-home English language model.

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