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Affordable assistive technology for all ages

The journey to reading independence is an adventure. People of all ages and needs can find the ultimate companion in a C-Pen reading pen. It’s neurodiversity support at your fingertips. That’s why Scanning Pens is your go to place to find the pen of your dreams.

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Where tech teaches reading confidence

Whether you’re looking for a reader pen for dyslexia or another neurodiversity, there’s cost-effective, life-changing support available when you need it most. It’s time to embrace the written word.

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Say hello to the #ScanningSquad

The Scanning Squad is a group of extraordinary people who have found the best uses for their reading pens. It’s an inclusive and safe community where you get answers to your important questions. Find out about everyone’s thoughts on these devices and discover new ways to build your reading independence.

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Why buy a pen scanner from Scanning Pens?

Buying means your journey has only just begun. Once the reading pen is in your hands, you’ll have access to a wealth of support and Training Resources. Discover in-depth lesson plans and fun learning activities to get you started.

Equipped with these amazing resources, you can take full advantage of your new scanning pen.