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Better learning outcomes for a lower cost

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$380.00 (Ex. Tax)
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Are you the resident assistive tech expert?

A diagnosis often results in questions about support, but resourcing and financing it isn’t easy. It’s often up to professionals with your kind of expertise to guide people through the right tools for the job.

Having super-simple, user-friendly devices at hand like the ones we’ve recommended means that readers can dive into literacy. Whether they’re working or still in kindergarten learning the basics, help them focus on developing a love of reading.

We’re here to support those who support others

We know you’re busy. That’s why we make sure you’ve got easy access to all the equipment you need to help those with reading needs overcome any challenges they face.

We provide full assessor training across our range of pens, and provide access to training webinars as standard.

Free trials for those who support learners

We know that you want to explore for yourself, and discover how these devices could make reading easier for all. That’s why we offer a FREE trial for assessors and dyslexia support professionals.

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