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Close that literacy gap

We know that Canada’s Indigenous communities often face greater literacy challenges than non-Indigenous populations.

Giving your students dependable English reading support can build their confidence and support them as they achieve, helping to grow vocabulary and understanding.

It’s easier when we let learners lead the way

Indigenous students across Canada are slowly closing the literacy gap, but there's still progress to be made. How can you help your learners?

It’s simple: when you put the power to self-support in student hands, it means that no learning time is wasted, in class or at home. They can just listen, understand, and focus on building their skills.

A reading pen to boost independence

By trialing a reading pen, like one of your recommended devices, with your students, you can encourage a level of self-study and independent reading that a human reader couldn’t provide.

In communities where consistent access to reading support or even the internet can be a difficulty, reading support that nurtures literacy growth without the need for Wi-Fi or teacher intervention is a life-changer.

Here’s how we’re supporting literacy in Indigenous communities

Our Post-Secondary and Adult Basic Education students love the independence that the C-Pen Reader 2s can offer while still providing the support they need to access printed content. Using this option to provide exam accommodations allows students to hear the questions as many times as necessary without feeling self-conscious in from of a human exam reader. Having a dictionary on board is especially helpful when encountering unfamiliar vocabulary. C-Pen Reader 2 has been able to increase the confidence and success of our students.”

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